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Anode For Electrolysis Metal

Anode For Electrolysis Metal

High current efficiency, energy saving; High acid and alkali resistance; Base material can be reused,economical.

Electrometallurgy takes a large proportion in hydrometallurgical industry. The nonferrous metals like Zn, Cd, Cu, Mn, Co, Ni and Cr are produced by such method.

The electrolysis can be in chloride, sulfate solution or the mixture of them. The anode usually releases chlorine when the chloride solution is adopted to electrolysis.

The anode in the chloride solution is demanded lower chlorine evolution potential, better corrosion resistance and longer life span.

Thus the chemical reaction on the anode is mainly oxygen releasing in the sulfate solution where the anode is demanded lower oxygen evolution potential, better, better passivation and longer life etc.

anode for electrolysis metal


Nonferrous metal electro extraction, such as: Cu, Ni, Co, etc.



High cathodic current efficiency;

Saving energy;

No anode sludge;

Long life;

Simple maintenance.

Our company can supply Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO)coating anode and lead dioxide(PbO2)electrode for electrolysis metal.

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