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water heater rod anode

  • MMO Tubular Anode

    Contact NowMMO Tubular AnodeHigh current output,low electrical resistance; Save 15-35 percent of install cost comparing to use other anodes.

  • Zinc Ribbon Anode

    Contact NowZinc Ribbon AnodeZinc ribbon anodes are produced according to ASTM-B-418 type I and type II alloy standard. Chemical composition: Electrochemical properties Specification

  • MMO/Ti Linear Anode

    Contact NowMMO/Ti Linear AnodeEven distributed potential and current; Construction Conveniently; Less current loss; More efficiency ; Easy to bury anode bed; No more “interference, shield”problem; Easy design and install.

  • Flexible Anode

    Contact NowFlexible AnodeFast and easy to install; Cost effective; Long operating life.

  • Water Heater Anode

    Contact NowWater Heater AnodeAvoid corrosion; Solving rotten-egg odor; Light weight than sacrificial anode; Long operating life than magnesium anode; Easy to maintain;

  • Anode For Electrolysis Metal

    Contact NowAnode For Electrolysis MetalHigh current efficiency, energy saving; High acid and alkali resistance; Base material can be reused,economical.

  • Mixed Metal Oxide Rod Anode

    Contact NowMixed Metal Oxide Rod AnodeHigh current output; Low coating wear rate; Lower cost per year; Constant electrical resistance;

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