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Swirl Electrolysis Anode

Swirl Electrolysis Anode

High current efficiency, energy saving; High acid and alkali resistance; Excellent conductivity; Base material can be reused,economical.

Swirl electrolysis is a new technology for valuable metal selective electrolysis, especially suitable for low concentration solution and complex composition of the solution separation and purification in the metallurgical industry, as well as the electrically separate the heavy metal ions in waste water.

Swirl electrolysis technology is an effective method for the separation and purification of metals. The conventional chloride electrowinning itself has insurmountable shortcomings in production, since the chlorine evolution happens on the anode in electrowinning production, a lot of manpower and resources is cost for safety, but there are still some overflow into the work site, and the result is ineffective. Swirl electrolysis can solve this problem excellently, it not only effectively prevent pollution, but also increase the efficiency of electrodeposition.

 swirl electrolyssi anode

This technology currently used in various aspects, such as copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, lead, gold, silver, precious metals and waste water treatment. Its outstanding advantages are as follows:
(1) Portable or module assembly;
(2) Wide applications;
(3) Closed circuit cycle, no harmful gas emissions;
(4) Selective electrodeposition of metals;
(5) High current density and efficiency of the circuit;
(6) Efficient, high-purity electrolytic extraction for lean solution.

The dimension stable anode for swirl electrolysis provided by our company, the biggest advantage is dimensionally stable, long life, good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and can be repeatedly re-coating service; the anode potential can be adjusted within a certain range according to customer requirements.



ELADE is one of the leading China swirl electrolysis anode manufacturers, and with professional factory we are able to provide you cheap swirl electrolysis anode with good quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

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